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John James
From: Alice Sowders, Emerald Whippets and Dobermans
Subject: Simple Clean

I am so impressed with Simple Clean. It has been the only
cleaner that actually works on the chain link and x-pens. It
has saved so much time and it is safe for the dogs!

From: Fred Folkers
Subject: Question

We ordered a gallon of your product based on the
recommendation of a fellow camper and are very pleased.
We haven't used it for anything at which it didn't excel.
And it helps us with our goal to carry
as few separate cleaners as possible.


From: Sherry Lane
Subject: cleaning

Great stuff, i use simple clean for everything. I have
Newfoundland Dogs and they slobber alot this is good stuff
to clean the walls and carpet with.  Thank you

From: Cheryl Butchko, Dileas Shelties and Nature's Variety
dog food
Subject: Chicken poop on eggs

Hi! We met Sally at the Lackawanna Kennel Club show at
the Bloomsburg Fairgrounds and bought some of the
Simple Clean. First off, it's great. I use it for everything. Can
I use it to clean the chicken poop stains off my fresh eggs?
(the answer is yes)

From: Larry Greene, HIGHGATE

Hi John and Sally:  Good talking to you again on the phone.
 Look forward to seeing you in Atlanta.  We meet several
years ago at Perry, GA and I brought home a case of your
product.  We used it to clean every thin from alumium boats
to bird cages.  Buckey Bird likes the smell.  He said fresh
and clean!  We power was lots of concreat drive ways and
even the tile roof. Dog runs and rooms.  DJ uses it to
presoak dirty stuff before puting it in the laundry.   This will
be my third order for 3 more cases.

From: Amy Loy, TwinCreek Australian Shepherds

I just wanted to drop a quick note to say what a fantastic
product you have!   I use it on everything around the house
but find it most useful to clean dog crates and puppy pens.  
I love the fresh orange scent.  I use it to clean the
bathrooms, kitchen, doggy accidents on the floor, you
name it, we've cleaned it!  We bought our first case at the
Aussie Nationals in Gonzales, LA over 2 years ago.  I can't
believe how long those 4 gallons lasted with as much as we
use it!  What a great value!  I would highly recommend it
anyone especially dog people!

Amy Loy
TwinCreek Australian Shepherds

From: Greg Geyman
Subject: unbelievable
I just wanted again to say thanks for the gallon of Simple
Clean that you gave me(Conway Driver).I hope your show
went well. This stuff is awesome I have been cleaning
everything (ink,oil,stain,grape juice ect...).I would to know if
I could Market your product at some of the many shows me
have here in Nashville?
Once Again Thanks,
Greg Geyman

From: Lana Powell
Subject: Orlando shows  

Hi Sally,
This is Lana Powell, we spoke a while back about getting
the 36 gal for I think it was $500. I wanted to see if you
where going to be at the Orlando shows and I'll pick it up
from there. I've just been very busy and unable to get to far
from home..Orlando is 15 min from my house. Do you have
some papers that I'll need to fill out. Can you email them to
me, I'll print them off and bring them with me. Do you know
where you will be parked in Orlando, if you are going?
I look forward to hearing from you.

Lana Powell
Lanmark Cockers

From: Cia Champion
Subject: betcha thought I was washed up huh????

hehe....forgot about me??? I need some simple clean..
and you need some of my silver solution....
check out what I whelped here at

http://www. and I ain't washed up I'm
just gettin down and dirty...simply put I need my simple
clean...can't wait to see ya'll again..Cia...and her griffykids...

From: Tom & Audrey Gaffney, Blue Moon Kennels
Subject: Testimonial

I just wanted to drop you a note letting you know how well
SimpleClean works.  We use it for all of our cleaning needs
in our home (which includes 31 dogs and 2 cats) and in our
kennel (30 I/O runs).  It works great and leaves everything
smelling good.  And with all the dogs the odor control is
extremely important!  We first found the product a couple
of years ago at the Bucyrus, Ohio dog show and have been
hooked on Simple Clean ever since!
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