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John James

I just wanted to drop a quick note to say what a fantastic product
you have!   I use it on everything around the house but find it
most useful to clean dog crates and puppy pens.  I love the fresh
orange scent.  I use it to clean the bathrooms, kitchen, doggy
accidents on the floor, you name it, we've cleaned it!  We bought
our first case at the Aussie Nationals in Gonzales, LA over 2
years ago.  I can't believe how long those 4 gallons lasted with as
much as we use it! What a great value!  I would highly
recommend it anyone especially dog people!

Amy Loy
TwinCreek Australian Shepherds

From: Erin Sunlin
Hi John and Sally,

Just wanted to drop a line to say how well the soap worked. I
have been using it around my house for everyday cleaning, and
in a 100 year old student house, there are stains. My roomies
have been AMAZED at how white things are looking again. It has
also gotten stains out in the laundry.

I have also been using it at my parent's house. They are in the
process of fixing up a house and building another, all while trying
to keep a large houseful of dogs clean. We use it in kennels,
crates, kitchen, bathroom, outside, inside, just everywhere! We
also diluted it down and sprayed the kennel yard. We have been
so happy with the results.

And of course you know we use it in the booth. It is so all
purpose that we can use it on everything with wonderful results.
The only thing that I had to change was the dilution to clean
glass/mirrors. I had a 10:1 mixed up, but cut it farther to 20:1 to
leave it streak-free.

See you next year!
Erin Sunlin
Isle of Dogs

From: Rick Ortega AKC Photographer
To: Simple Clean
Subject: Permanent Marker

My Wife and I love the product, Recently my grandson got his
hands on a Sharpie permanent Marker, He proceeded to write on
the wallpaper, parquet floor and a very old louvered cypress
door. I tried the 10:1 mix, and the wallpaper came clean right
away. The floor and door I sprayed and let dry and resprayed and
the marker came off, I only had to use a toothbrush on the tops
of the louvers. Thanks again for a great product.
Rick Ortega, Dog Show Photographer.

From: Dawn Culver / New Age Rabbitry
To: Simple Clean
Subject: Rabbits

I used this product in my rabbitry, knowing we rabbit breeders
have to be careful of what we use around our bunnies, this
product is AMAZING ! I used to use toilet bowl cleaner to clean
my cages, but the fumes were horrific, this product not only
cleaned up my cages great-removing all the urine stains, it was
much easier to breath and no burning in my lungs, which also
makes for happy bunnies ! I now recommend this to other rabbit
breeders for their use.

From: Marcia Eyler / SUBWAY
Subject: We love Clean in our SUBWAY

Hi Sally and John.

Your product has been wonderful for our Tuscany

Marcia Eyler
928 Arlington Road
Brookville, Ohio 45309

Any questions, please call me at 937 313 1553.

Enjoy that lake.


Marcia Eyler

From: Jeanette Woodward and Shelley Cox
Date: Sat, Oct 1st 2005

Subject: It really is SoapZILLA!!!!

Hi John and Sally!

I want to let you know how pleased we are with your product,
Simple Clean (A.K.A. Soapzilla). I continue to be amazed and
impressed with this product.

The carpet in our hallway had started to smell doggy and I
decided it was time to get out the carpet cleaner and clean it
up. I have used your product in the past as a pre-treatment
and it worked beautifully. In fact it out preformed my Stanly
Steamer Pre-treatment and my Hoover formulated

Well, tonight,was different. I started to put my normal Hoover
carpet shampoo into my machine. The Part of my machine
that holds the water had a plastic piece in the bottom held in
with a spring. It popped out. I tried putting it back together but
could not.

I was determined to clean the carpet. I decided I would use the
10:1 solution of Simple Clean I had previously used as a
pretreatment with the carpet shampoo. I sprayed the hall with
the solution and waited about 20 minutes. I then used my
carpet cleaner with only clean water and turned it on to the
rinse control. IT WORKED! ! ! ! Now let me tell you the best
part. The odor is gone and our carpet is winter white once
again. All I can say is WOW! ! ! This stuff is great.

I do hope you will consider our suggested name change for
your product Soapzilla is really descriptive of how the
cleaning solution takes on dirt.

Jeanette Woodward and Shelley Cox

From: LaJuana Peterson
Date: Mon, March 6th, 2006

Subject: Cleaning the shades in my RV


Good news! Before I looked at my E-mail, my cousin informed
me that I had "paper" folding shades .... so .... Just like you
said, I made the weak solution and lightly sprayed my shade. It
did not show a lot of wet on the shade. I let it dry, sprayed
again... did that 4 times. I have no stain, no marks, NO
ODOR.... no sign! I am so tickled. The shades had gone up
$40, so I saved myself (actually, you saved me!) about
$100.00!!! THANK YOU! I am FOREVER a fan of Simple Clean
and will sing your praises!

LaJuana Peterson
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