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John James
From: Judy King
Date: Wed, Dec 21st 2005

Subject: Simple Clean!!!

Hi John and Sally: It's me Judy King. I just wanted to say that
in all of my years, and there have been plenty of them, I have
NEVER used a cleaner like Simple Clean! There is not ONE
that I have tried to do with it that it has not worked on. From
my jewelry to my garage and dog area, it is
I was so lucky to have met John in Brooksville two years ago
and to have seen just how Simple Clean works. Again, thank
you for Simple Clean. I tell all of my friends, when see them
looking at the other brands at the dog shows, "Get the
Simple Clean." You will NEVER be Sorry. Have a wonderful
Christmas and I will see you, I'm sure on the January Circuit.

Judy King

From: Cheryl Smith
Date: Thu, October 21st 2005

Subject: Simple Clean

Hi John & Sally,

Just wanted to say thanks for getting my order shipped to me
so quickly.

I made my first purchase just recently, but I bought it
primarily to try on my floor grout. I have light colored tile and
grout and over the past 5 years the grout has become dark. I
mixed a fairly strong solution in a spray bottle and sprayed it
directly on the grout and let it sit for then mopped it up plain
water. It really worked quite well. A few places are going to
require a second shot, and maybe a little scrubbing, but it
certainly looks better than it did!

I also used it in my carpet shampooer and got out some
stains that hadn't come out using regular carpet shampoo.

Thanks again,

From: Tyler McCoy
Subject: Industrial Machinery Dealer

Thanks for your help.
Your customer service is awesome!!  :)
Thanks and have a nice
2323 Lakeshore Dr.
Pekin Illinois, 61554

From: Corgi Tails
Date: Tue, August 30th 2005

Subject: Simple Clean

Hi guys!

Good to hear from you. Hope all is well. I'm in the great state
of Maine for summer vacation where it is COOL!It's been
raining for two days but it's an acceptable trade off for the
cool temperatures.

I gave my last gallon of Simple Clean to Cathy Baker which I
would NEVER have done had I realised she was getting it all. I
brought all the dogs along with me during my travels North
and really missed my Simple Clean. While I was in Canfield
the dogs contracted a virus and most of them had accidents
in their crates. What a mess! Cindy Bossi and I had to unload
crates at 2am and here I am without Simple Clean! Cindi and I
used some older cleaners I happened to have on hand. Not
only did they not do a very good job ( I'm spoiled with simple
clean ) They stained the window shade which the crates back
up to. I planned to order a new shade from the RV company
in Maine as I assumed it was wiped out.

On the last day of the Canfield shows I found a woman selling
Simple clean and immediately bought a gallon and recleaned
everything in my motor home including the stained window
shade and as you well know every thing was sparkling after
the cleaning but the best part was that the Simple Clean
removed the stain the other cleaner had left! I have vowed to
never leave home without my Simple Clean!


From: Marcia Eyler
Date: Sat, August 27th 2005

Subject: Need more simple clean


I need to order more SIMPLE CLEAN. We have a couple of
subways and I have used the SIMPLE CLEAN on the floors. It
has really cleaned the floors.

I need more Cleaner. What are the Volume Prices?

I need more ASAP because our floors are really dirty and this
has done a great job cleaning them. We want to finish the
floors now that we have started.


Marcia Eyler

From: Katie Stalnaker
Date: Wed, August 18th 2005

Subject: Thanks

John & Sally
I want to thank you for telling me about using the SIMPLE
CLEAN in the holding tanks in the camper... It worked
GREAT... I also use it to wash down the house, camper and
clean the white walls on the vehicle, it has worked on
everything I have tried it on...

Thanks Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Much,

Katy and Charles Stalnaker
KaCee's Poms

From: Peachcreek Kennels
Date: Wed, August 17th 2005

Subject: Soap

OK soap man - I like the soap! I have been cleaning around
the house ever since I got home from the dog show. Shawn
and I had to take the RV to the Dealer to get the fridge fixed. I
had to leave it there, and left my gallon in the storage bin.
But, I got some from her and have been cleaning ever since.
I will get my husband to order through his air conditioning

Nan Gilliard

From: DeCac's American Eskimos
Date: Wed, August 17th 2005

Subject: Hi Guys


I wanted to say " THANK YOU " This soap is AWESOME ! ! ! !
It makes cleaning soo much easier.

Thanks Again,


From: Teresa Plucinski
Date: March 25th 2005

Subject: Simple Clean really works

I recently purchased a white T-shirt.After I bought it, Inoticed
two black grease spots on the front of the shirt. I was going
return it when it was suggested that I try a 30:1 solution of
Simple Clean. I treated the shirt and washed it in cold water
with regular detergent. Much to my surprise, both spots were
completely gone. You can not even tell where the spots were.

Teresa Plucinski

From: Pat Grisso
Date: November 29th 2004

Subject: Simple Clean - Mobile Kennel Club


This is Pat and I bought a gallon on Sunday afternoon after
the show had finished. I was a bit skeptical but you sold me
with your demonstrations. I used it last week in my carpet
shampooer and it got out several stains that had not come
out before. But then I took the bottle that I had pre-mixed to
the upstairs oatmeal colored berber carpet that had 3 stains
from 8 years ago where one of my dogs had vomited grass
and dirt behind a chair and we did not find it for several
days. Nothing has taken the stains out - until l used your
product and they dissappeared in muinutes! I now have
spray bottles mixed up all over the house. So I need to order
my second gallon please to be sent to be in alabama. Iwould
like to send the free gallon to my sister in Michigan and
would be happy to pay the shipping. She and her husband
do not like using a lot of chemicals and I know she is going
to love it. Please let me know what you need from me.

Again - this is a wonderful product. Thank you for coming to
our show and letting us know about it.

Pat Grisso
Integrity Music Administration
251.633.9000 X 7052
251.776.5036 FAX
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