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John James
Stonehaven Kennel and Farm
Date: June 26th, 2005

Subject: Simple Clean!!!

Hey there!
You might remember me...I show Aussies and and Border
Collies. I think we first met at the Aussie Nationals in La.
earlier this year. In any event, I just wanted you to know
that the Simple Clean I bought at the Carol County KC
shows (3 gallons!) is AMAZING! I had originally purchased
it to get some of the oxidation off of my motor home in
preperation for selling it. I had tried quite a few other
cleaners to no avail and thought I'd try your product as a
last resort. I have to admit, I was shocked! After spraying it
on the oxidation simply rolled off! After cleaning it with
Simple Clean I have to admit I am having second thoughts
about selling it now! <grin> I'm hooked! I literally use it on
everything now. It cleans the kennel run panels like no
other product I've used before. No more scrubbing and
scrubbing with minnimal results! AND the other day I was
at the car wash and realised that I had nothing to get the
break dust off my alloy wheels. I remembered having
simple clean still in my trunk from the RV cleaning and
decided to give it a try. again the breakdust just literally
rolled off and the wheels looked amazing! My friend that
was with me at the time wanted to know what the "magic
ingredient" was!

Anyway, just wanted to touch base and let you know how
happy I am with the product! I'm DEFINATELY going to be
buying more in the future!
Will probably see you at another show!
Take care,

Jeff Margeson & Chris Dale
Stonehaven Kennel and Farm

From: Doris J. Slaboda
To: John James ( hand written )


For the last couple of years I have used Simple Clean
almost exclusively for all my cleaning nneds around the
house, on the boat and in more ways than I can recount.
But recently I put it to a test no one could have forseen.

Two weeks ago I got a phone call from a friend who had
just wrecked her motor home in Louisiana on her way to a
dog show in Houston Tx. The wreck was so bad that all her
belongings had been thrown all over the ground for several
hundred feet, some into a pond and almost all of them had
been damaged by diesel oil leaking from the destroyed
motor home. It took nearly two days for them to search
and recover as much as possible so they could complete
the trip.

When we unloaded the clothing, we tried to sort it into
about 15-20 plastic bags, preparing to disguard the vast
majority of them of the clothing since most of it was
covered in mud and nearly all of it had a terrible diesel oil
odor permeating it, and we doubted much could be done.
At this point these clothes had been locked in a trunk with
no air conditioning in temperatures of 95 degrees and high
humidity for two days and then put in plastic bags in my
garage for up to five days.

I started washing the least affected items. All I used was the
normal amount of detergent and a half cup of Simple Clean
in each load. For the worst stains, I sprayed my normal
cleaning solution of Simple Clean and water as
pre-treatment. I couldn't believe the results! Not only did all
the mud and stains come out but all the smell as well. So I
stopped everyone from throwing things out and begged for
the chance to try and save everything washable. Over the
next five days I washed over 30 loads of everything from
silk blouses to goose down comforters, I used both hot
and cold water depending on the fabric. Not one item was
damaged by Simple Clean! Out of the 15 bags only a
handful of items which had been ripped or were stained
directly by the oil.

How do I know it was the simple clean that got the odor
out? Because one load I forgot to add it and the clothing
still had the odor. I rewashed it using simpleclean and,
voiala, the smell was gone. I can honestly say that Simple
Clean saved thousands of dollars in clothing and other
washable items. Simple Clean surpassed all expectaions, I
will never be without it.

Doris J. Slaboda
Spring, TX

From: Christine Maples
To: A Fellow Bird Lover
Date: November 2nd, 2005

Subject: Simple Clean

I have solved my cleaning concerns by replacing ALL my
cleaning supplies with a product called Simple Clean. It is a
concentrate and you mix it according to the job at hand,
usually 30:1, and it works great. It's environmentally safe,
nontoxic, biodegradable, and nonflammable. I took it to our
last Avian society meeting to clean the poop from the
carpet when the meeting was over, it out cleaned other
products we had been using by a long shot. One of our
members had his ear bitten by one of his parrots, blood
had run down the front of his white shirt, so I decided to
see what Simple Clean would do. Well, it removed the
blood and left his shirt nice and white again. I use it to
clean the cages and have not had the first problem. I also
breed and show dogs and use it around the dogs freely.
My next project is to clean my oven. Unfortunately, I don't
own stock in the company but if you want information, I
buy from John & Sally James at they
were a vendor at both a dog and bird show here in town.


From: Brenda Nelson
Date: March 9th, 2006

Subject: Simple Clean

Hi Sally!

Just letting you know I've been using your product to clean
my friends house where I'm staying this week. I'm very
pleased with how well it takes scum & gunk off walls,
woodwork & bathroom fixtures... Thank you for the
demonstration & for attending our show again.

Hope all is well. Will talk to you later.
God Bless!
Brenda Nelson
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