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From: Sherry and Ken Wilhoit
Date: March 9th, 2006

Subject: Simple Clean

Hi Jonnie and Sally,
We love your product and want some more! By the way,
we met you in Raleigh . . . when we were shopping for
Cardi goodies.Hope all is well with you . . . tell Leah "hello"
for us. Look forward to hearing from you soon.
Sherry and Ken Wilhoit In SC

From: K-9's come 1st, inc. Daycare & Training Academy
(239) 337-DOGS
Date: April 25th, 2005

Subject: I LOVE IT

Hi... we bought a jug of your cleaner at the Perry Ga show,
and we love it... we would like to buy more... what do I
need to do? Add us to your list of people that love it... you
were right it is "just damn good soap".


K9's come 1st, Inc.
Daycare & Training Academy
(239) 337-DOGS

From: Kelli Ann Willis
Date: May 30th, 2005

Subject: ORDER


I have just about used up my container of Simple Clean. I
can not find my price list, but I must order more.

Thanks so much!

Also I got this product because Sally told me it works better
than Rug Doctor products in a carpet cleaning machine.
Guess What! She was absolutely correct. Incredible!

Kelli Ann Willis

From: Kelli Ann Willis
Date: May 30th, 2005

Subject: Invitation to Vend at TriStar KC in October
Nashville, TN

Hi John & Sally,

I hope this finds you home safe and sound after all of the
excitement in Owensboro this weekend!! What happened
with your Motorhome that was on fire?? I am the vending
chair for a KC in Nashville, TN and would love to have y'all
set up with us, I am attaching information for you to
review.... Also, I love the Simple Clean, have used on on
lots of strange things and it hasn't failed me yet!! Next I
will tackle the ex-pens!!

Take Care & Keep in touch!


Jes & David Kemp
DXL Showdogs

Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the
intention of
arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but
rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, wine in
other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and
screaming "WOO HOO what a ride!"

From: Anita Rosenberger
Subject: Simple Clean

I bought a case of your product (after your very convincing
demos) this past weekend at the Kalamazoo shows.  I did
not enter on Monday as I haven't done the deep, winter
cleaning of the kennels yet (yeah, a little behind schedule
this year) so I planned on doing that this weekend.  So far, I
have a love/hate relationship with the product.  Love it
because it works so well, hate it because I was so
impressed with it that I spent the entire day finding things
to try it out on, in other words, I CLEANED all day (ugh!)

1.  I used it on the concrete kennels.  Two applications and
the urine odor GONE completely.  No scrubbing on my
part.  Used a 10:1 dilution ratio.  I am SO surprised that it
got the odor out of unsealed concrete!

2.  Used it on the dog crates.  10:1 dilution, used a power
washer on them, sparkling clean with no effort on my part.  

3.  Decided to dig out some OLD nasty crates in the barn.  
I had planned on donating to rescue but when I realized
how bad they were, I decided to pitch them.  Somehow
they ended up in the barn and have been there for at least
4 years.  Two applications, 10:1 dilution, a lot of the rust
came off with the power washer.  I think I'll do one more
time and actually use some elbow grease (wire brush or
scouring pad) and I'll bet the rest of the rust will come

4.  Used on the side of the house where the dogs like to
mark.  Brick and mortar and beginning to have an odor.  
Nothing has worked, I've tried Odoban, bleach, vinegar,
Nature's Miracle and probably a few other things.  Guess
what?  No more odor.  One application only 10:1 ration.

5.  Tried it on mirrors in the house.  Left a filmy streak.  I
probably didn't dilute enough so will try again with more

6.  Used in the shower on the tile.  We have very hard
water with a lot of lime.  Two applications, 10:1 ration, and
I did use a scrub brush, everything came out sparkling
clean.  The best part is that I've used other products (CLR,
Tilex, OxyBlaster) and I have to wear a mask, plus can only
do a small section at a time b/c the stuff is so toxic that I
can't breathe when I use it.  With Simple Clean, I actually
stood in the shower with the door closed, no mask,
scrubbed the walls with a soft bristle brush and never had
a problem.

7.  I used on some tennis shoes (fabric with some stretch
material in it) and they did get white, but the stains didn't
come out.  I put them aside and was going to do a second
application later, but forgot about it while I was cleaning
crates.  When I came in for the night, I remembered the
shoes and went to get them from the back porch.  Stains
gone.  Amazing.

I like this stuff so much I sent a blurb about it to our
newsletter writer for the dog club I belong to.  Hopefully
she'll print in the newsletter next month.  Next weekend,
I'm going to do carpets and the terra cota tile and grout in
the house.  Talked to my friend who was with me and took
one gal of the case because of her male cats spraying all
over her basement and she is actually shocked b/c the
odor is completely gone where she used it.  She has been
battling this problem for years and has said after these
cats go, she's never getting another because she is so
sick of the male cat spray odor.  I think Simple Clean just
gave her cats a new lease on life.  

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know how well the product
is working.  


Anita Rosenberger
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